School of Education building has six classroom with 700 sq. ft area. All the classrooms are equipped with state of the art furniture, LCD projector connected with the computer system. Students can use their laptops, computers/tabs in the classroom. Power plug has been provided on each bench.

Image of Classroom

Image of Seminar hall

Seminar Hall

The seminar hall has hundred seating capacity in 'U' shape seating arrangement. It is equipped with LED screen and a computer system for presentation. Electric power plugs have been provided at every seat. Adjacent to the seminar hall there is free area of 500 sq. ft. for refreshment, networking and meeting.

Science Laboratories

The school has three lab- physics, chemistry and biology with all the necessary equipments for undergraduate science students.

Image of Science Laboratories

Image of Computer Lab

Computer Laboratory

The lab has twenty computer systems loaded with various data analysis software tools and language editing tools. The lab is 24/7 connected with high speed internet facility.


The school has library with seating capacity of 60 users. The library has more than 10,226 book titles and more than 10 national and international journal subscriptions.

Image of Library

Image of Art room

Art Room

The art room has musical instruments such as tabla, harmonium, guitar, basuri, congo, drums etc. The art room is also provided with clay modelling and other handicrafts designing materials.

Resource Room for Science, Mathematics and Language

It is an Integrated resource centre for language, science, mathematics, arts, psychology, ICT health and physical education & special education. It provides access to a variety of resources and materials to design & choose activities for teaching & learning of relevant texts, copies of policy documents and commission reports relevant curriculum documents such as teachers handbooks books & journals, field reports, research seminar under taken by students, audio-visual equipments- interactive boards, TV, DVD player, LCD projector, films, camera & other recording devices and adequate number of internet facilities/nodes.

Image of Resource room

Image of Yoga room

Yoga Room

The yoga room is a part of department of physical education which has all the necessary facilities for yoga training.

Gymnastic Facilities

Image of Gymnastic facilities

Image of Assistive technology lab

Assistive Technology Lab

It is a specially equipped lab consisting advance computer systems with 24 hour internet connectivity. All the machines has screen readers, JAWS, NVDA, Supernova and screen magnifyers, Majic magnifier, zoom text, supernova, Scanning and reading technologies, Kurzweil, Learning tools, talking typing teacher, spell well, Ubuntu Linux machine with ORCA screen reader and magnifier etc. specially designed for persons with disabilities to provide independent computer operating ability and internet access. It also consists of sophisticated equipment like Braille printers, ZoomX book reading machine, braille note takers, PlexTalks etc required for higher education.

Accessibility Research Lab

It is the research lab with 8 computer systems with accessibility evaluation tools and assistive technologies like screen readers, screen magnifyers, speech recognition technologies,... documents accessibility evaluation and editing tools, Integrated development environments, web designing and development tools, Android and IOS application development tools, testing mobile devices etc. The Accessibility engineers at the lab works for making university program, services and activities accessible for persons with disabilities that involves creation of accessible course material, special teaching aids and methodology as well as integrating accessibility features, solutions and assistive technology within the technology design, development and deployment. The lab also focus on Development and benchmarking of Various accessibility standards and regulations such as Web content accessibility guidelines(WCAG), Government of India Guidelines for web accessibility (GIGW). The lab is involved in spreading awareness about Web accessibility, Mobile accessibility, Desktop accessibility, Cloud services accessibility etc. and help government and corporate organizations for implementation of various accessibility standards and regulations in their websites. The researchers also impart web accessibility training to various stakeholders. Four faculties of the department of education and extension, one of the staff members of the centre and several project interns are associated with the research. It accessibility services provides a range of resources to help advance the university's commitment to diversity and equitable access to opportunities for all students including those with disabilities and ensures continued compliance with regulatory requirements under various national and international accessibility standards.

Image of Accessibility research lab

Image of Playground